Meet Spring Hermann.  She loves to tell stories about one person having a dream and making a difference for the good.  Maybe they are famous people who never gave up.  Maybe they are ordinary girls and boys who had hurdles in their lives to overcome. 

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Spring's newest books:

Publishing date, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, Enslow Publishing Lit/Crit Guides:

Reading and Interpreting the Works of Eugene O'Neill
Reading and Interpreting the Works of Tennessee Williams

Publishing date, Fall 2017, Enslow Publishing:

Reading and Interpreting the Works of Mark Twain

Productions of Spring's newest play, "Princess Proudfoot" (based on "King Thrushbeard," a tale by the Brothers Grimm)

Presentations by Spring:

  • Summer 2013: "Not another Cinderella!" and a discussion panel titled "Can We Talk? A forum for Frustrated Playwrights and Directors!" - held at the American Association of Theatre and Education in Washington D.C.