Plays published in 2010-11 with Big Dog Publishing/Norman Maine Publishing:

MAMA TOMCAT’S FLYING SCHOOL.  Can a tomcat hatch a baby seagull?  Can he feed the hatchling, protect it, and teach it to fly?  Can a tomcat really become a MAMA?  This play answers these questions with a loud YES.  It teaches children that promises must be kept, that being a parent is a lot harder than catching bugs and worms, and that when your Mama Tomcat believes in you, you will soar!

Awards:  Semi-finalist production in the Bonderman Youth Playwriting Symposium; Winner of the Central Washington University New Plays for Youth Commissioning Project; two professional productions.

MAMA TOMCAT’S FLYING SCHOOL:  THE MUSICAL.  This musical version has songs by Stephen Murray. 

Both versions are based on the novel “The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly,” by Luis Sepulveda. 

Award:  Runner-up: Anna Zornio Playwriting Competition, University of New Hampshire.                  

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Spring and the cast of MTFS the Musical at Playhouse on Park premier.

“Pre-Published” Plays in Production:  The playwright offers:

PRINCESS PROUDFOOT. A life-lesson told in comic style by the Brothers Grimm, "King Thrushbeard" has been adapted for modern youth theatre. When the spoiled, self-involved, rude young Princess Prudence insults all her suitors, her exasperated father weds her to the next man through his palace gate. Dragged away by Leo the traveling musician (really King Christopher in disguise), Prudence learns the hard way that common people must work to survive and be kind and grateful. Already a hit in two workshop productions, Princess Proudfoot will delight an all-family audience.

Princess Proudfoot tells her shoppers, "You can do lots with my pots!"
Photo by Nancy Doherty of the St. Timothy Middle School production.

The playwright joins the cast of Princess Proudfoot.
Photo by Nancy Doherty of the St. Timothy Middle School production.

Princess Proudfoot and her ladies in waiting, from the Manchester High School, Midlothian, Virginia, production.
Photo courtesy of Cary Nothnagel.

A WORKING HEAVEN.  An all family musical with score by John Kurkjian.  A full production in 2003 at the Park Road Playhouse was a hit.  Based on true case histories, this story of Lucy Price and Henry Wheeler, young teens in 1858 who flee an abusive home to be sheltered by the Kentucky Shakers, looks at the theme of accepting difficult principles and living by them.  When the Civil War crushes Pleasant Hill from both sides, Lucy and Henry must decide:  are they warriors or pacifists?  Which is the truer life?

Henry and Lucy are greeted by Sister Paulina

Lucy, Sister Emma and Sister Paulina working with herbs

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SEEING LESSONS.  A youth musical with score by Stephen Murray.  Based on Spring Hermann’s 1998 novel “Seeing Lessons.  The Story of Abigail Carter and America’s First School for Blind People.” 

Awards.  This play won Second Prize in the Jackie White Memorial National Children’s Playwriting Contest, and was a Finalist in the Anna Zornio Playwriting Competition.  Produced in 2009 at St. Timothy School, Hartford, and Poppins Children's Theater, Hartford, in 2014.        

Abby, Sophia, Maria and Ben sing “Never had a friend like you!” from the production at St. Timothy's School Dr. Howe, Abby, Sophia and Ben from the production at Poppins Children's Theater, Hartford, March 2014

THE ONE AND ONLY MILO.  A play for grades 2-6 about Milo Duffy, scrawny, shy, and smart enough to get skipped into 3rd grade.  He longs to be strong like his fantasy character “Captain Pettigrew” that he invents in games with his best pal Minnie.  Milo’s true passion is appliances. When he creates an act with his beloved toaster “Popper” for his school talent show – and wins – he lets  the boys who bully him see what courage really is.  And when Milo defends Minnie against his racist landlady, he becomes the brave Captain Pettigrew and succeeds in truly finding himself.

Awards. This play won First Place in the Jackie White Memorial Children’s Playwriting Contest, and won the 2010 American Alliance of Theatre and Education [AATE] Unpublished Play Reading Project.

Milo and "Popper"