Spring Hermann grew up in Belleville, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from the St. Louis Arch.  She lived with her mother and dad who were teachers, and her grandfather who owned a drug store. Her grandmother died before she was born, but she was given her family name:  “Spring.”
Spring (center) as Editor-in-Chief of the Belleville HS News
Spring’s favorite thing to do was write:  the neighborhood gossip, make-believe scripts for TV comedies, greeting cards, you name it.  She edited her township high school newspaper and wrote the school musical.  In college she wrote campus radio scripts.  But she never thought she was a writer.
What she thought.... was that she was a theater person. In high school, she worked on every production. Her college major was theater, and her summer jobs were in the theater.
Spring teaching a student to paint scenery at the Interlochen Arts Camp
Spring acting in "Way of the World" at Indiana University, 1964. Spring is on the far right. Vincent Gagliardi, the man she would marry, is on the far left.
Her first position was Costumer at Minnesota State University where husband Vincent was a theatre professor.  Along came daughters Margo and Jessica who needed her care.  When the family moved to Central Connecticut, she taught Evening Division theatre courses, and raised her girls.
Spring hugs Margo and Jessica
Vincent and Spring at home in shades

As the girls got older, Spring found she really missed writing.  She took day jobs writing newspaper stories, brochures, programs, speeches.  At night, on Sundays, or whenever her girls were on their own, Spring wrote books.  Her first two published books were for grownups.  But she was happiest writing for kids.  Now she has ten books published for young readers.  More are waiting inside her head.

Spring wrote her early books on an actual typewriter
Spring gets buried in books after being published.

In 2000 Spring thought about being a writer who worked in the theatre.  This would bring both of her loves together.   She was getting older, with her daughters married, her husband soon to retire.  Was it too late to try a new job:  playwriting?  The voice in her head said DO IT!

Spring has written six plays that have been produced, and have won six awards. Two plays were published in 2011-12.  She often joins the audience when her shows are performed.   When she sees children enjoying her show, she knows that is why she writes. 

Spring hangs with the cast of "Mama Tomcat's Flying School" in Austin, Texas
Spring in her Easter suit, 1953